Quality Custom Wheels

Getting new tires is only the beginning. Let Omar's Wheels & Tires #4 show you an amazing selection of wheels and rims including custom colors. We get parts and products that other dealers just can't get, thanks to our dedicated team. It's a great way to make sure your car or truck will look better than ever! Plus, enjoy a 1-year manufacturer's WARRANTY.

Contact us today and ask about in-house financing with no credit check! Ask about off-road, multi-piece, and spinner wheels in sizes 15 up to 32 inches.
Wheels for Any Vehicle
  • Custom 15'' to 32" wheels
  • Off-road wheels
  • Dually wheels
  • Multi-piece wheels
  • Spinner wheels
  • Custom colors

Included Leading Manufacturers:

  • American Forces 
  • American  Truxx
  • Forgiato
  • Dub Wheels
  • Factory Replica Wheels 
  • 2 Crave 
  • American Eagle Alloys
  • Armano
  • Asanti
  • Atlanta Wheels
  • Borghini Wheels
  • Diablo
  • Estrella
  • Forte
  • Gazario
  • Gianna
  • KMC Wheels
  • Lexani
  • Luxxx Wheels
  • MHT
  • Sevizia
  • Starr Wheels
  • U2 Wheels
  • Velocity
  • Versante Alloys
  • Wheel Pros XIX
Call 972-271-6700 today for in-house financing.
Awesome environment awesome people awesome prices always
-Yasser Isa
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